Linder's Incorporated was founded in 1922 by Oscar Linder. In those early years, Linder's quickly developed a reputation for providing quality used auto and truck parts to the automotive tradesmen as well as the general public in central Massachusetts.

The company's growth continued over the next 50 years, as Oscar, along with his 3 sons Emil, Axel and Bill, created lasting relationships with their expanding customer base of independent repair shops, dealers, insurance companies, and do-it yourself mechanics. Throughout the northeast, Linder's became known as the first choice for everyone's used auto parts needs.

In the early seventies, Emil's son Ken Linder assumed control of the company. Under his innovative leadership, development and implementation of new technologies, Ken positioned Linder's as a world leader in the automotive recycling industry.

While the growing full service business continued to provide products to the automotive professionals, Ken identified a market for the do-it-yourself segment and in the mid-eighties opened Sam's Pull-A-Part, the areas first dedicated self service parts yard. Sam's is conveniently located across the street from the full service Linder's yard.

Today, Linder's processes over 7,000 vehicles annually at our 45 acre recycling complex, which still encompasses the original site where the company began in 1922. Vehicles are carefully selected, inventoried and dismantled with the resulting parts and components tested, all in an environmentally friendly process, yielding the highest quality recycled used auto and truck parts available today.

Linder's has developed and grown considerably since its humble beginnings in 1922, but some things will never change. We continue to remain committed to the core principles the company was founded on over 85 years ago, that providing the best products while dealing fairly and honestly with our customers will always keep them coming back.



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